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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back from DragonCon...

I just rolled in from an 18+ hour drive back from Atlanta. This past labor day weekend was DragonCon- the biggest costuming convention around... It's full of every goofball group out there that you can think of. From goth kids, to trekkies, to Star Wars fans, to furries, to gawd knows what and more. This year it took over 3 huge hotels with a gazillion people. My friend Art was gracious enough to do some "professional" photos of a few of his friends at his house before the con. Here I am in my completed Mayor McCheese costume:

Here I am being ├╝ber-dorky:

I'll post some more pix later. Thanks for visiting.


Smurfwreck said...

Man, I'm sorry I missed the con this year, I would have loved to have seen your McCheese costume in person.

Btw, have you scoped the new Boo Berry cereal box yet?

Todd Franklin said...

Wow your costume turned out great! I'm sure you were a hit at the con!

Tatertot said...

Wow, Mr. DCB, Mommy and Daddy didn't recognise you in the Rebel pilot outfit.
for (Zam I Am and Zam I Ain't)