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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The coolest cereal graphics in - i dunno - 25 years!

I just found the new Count Chocula box today - and WOW - it is beyond swell. Kudos to the kids in the art department at General Mills for making a box that looks almost vintage without being overly "retro" - yet still looks modern. I haven't seen a cooler cereal box on the grocery shelf in probably over 25 years. Mr. Frothy found the Frankenberry box, which I have not yet seen. Once I find one - I'll post a pic of that as well. We're anxiously waiting to see what the Booberry box will look like.

I love the fact that the cereal is barely even shown (only a tiny bit on one of the side panels) - very reminiscent of a late 60s-early 70s box - where the character is what sold the product. They're so swell, it almost makes me want to buy them all and display them with my vintage boxes (almost).

Here is a recent "lame" version for comparison:


Crazy Eddie said...

I looove Count Chocula. I'm a huge fan of retro cereals, mainly one called Kaboom! Remember that one do ya? Great blog... will definitely return.



Waffle Whiffer said...

Amazing new box! Glad to see that General Mills hasn't given up on the monsters. Maybe they'll revive Fruit Brute next.

Todd Franklin said...

I always stroll through the cereal isle in hopes of finding a neat new box, but usually I always end up disappointed. Boy was I surprised a few days ago when I found this new Count box! I can't wait to find the other two. I wonder if Boo and Frankenberry will have that old time feel?