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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sugary fun

Today I thought I'd post pix of my cereal box collection. I had a pretty nice collection years ago, but situations in life meant that I had to sell it. I managed to hold on to 3 of my favorites and later started up a new collection. This collection is only a few years in the making, but I already have managed to get some pretty nice boxes, I think. There are still some out there that I really want (Waffelos, Baron Von Redberry, Cinnamon Crunch, Jets, and a few more)... enjoy!


Stratocat said...

Do you have or remember this one?

I just remember having one piece left in the bowl with some milk, and coming back later to find that it had expanded to the diameter of the bowl.

Maybe it was discontinued because some people blew up...

Dustin Crops Boy said...

i do not have, nor do I remember Clackers. Looks too 'boring adult cereal' for me to ever have had it as a kid. The only 'adult' cereal I ate was Raisin Bran, when all my other cereal were gone. My mom used to eat it w/ Coffee Rich instead of milk, and I, for years, thought that that was how it was supposed to be served. It always gave me a stomach ache though. Gee, I wonder why. hee.

Dan Goodsell said...

cool set up - I forgot you had that Monster cereal art

Crazy Eddie said...

Awesome All you need now is a box of KABOOM! and a box of Pop Tart Cereal. Your blog is hysterical.


Todd Franklin said...

Super collection!