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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

McObsession (part 2)

Here are some pix of my rapidly growing Mayor McCheese collection...

First up is the small stuff, pretty easy to find premiums n' whatnot from the 70s - 80s.

Second is my collection of restaurant pieces. A fiberglass Playland™ statue, and 2 wall hangings. All three are very hard to get, as not every McDonalds had them - and most were later destroyed when they would remodel.

And finally, here is my fiberglass McCheese costume head. This was used in the 70s for promotional use only. I doubt very much that 'all' the stores had one. There was probably only one made per region, or state - if that. I don't know for sure, but it's pretty rare nonetheless. I am currently working on restoring it to it's original splendor as well as making a full costume to go with it.

here is a vintage 70s pic of the same type of Mayor costume as the one I have...


anonymous said...

There's something really hot about that Mayor McCheese on your head photo . . . can't quite place it, but it's the combo of burger with cheese, chami, and cargo shorts.

Waffle Whiffer said...

Cool Mayor McCheese collection! I can remember seeing some of the old statues in McDonald's as recently as about 15 years ago, but they're all gone now. Wish I had picked up some...

Todd Franklin said...

The good Mayor was always a favorite. I can't wait to see your Mayor McCheese costume completed.