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Friday, December 30, 2005

Price Quote Tabulator

I finally got it all figured out! The new price quote tabulator is up n' running smoothly. Many thanks to Justin at for really explaining Flash and actionScripting so clearly and making it easy and fun to do (albeit, very frustrating at times!)... Though he didn't exactly make one of these - he made other stuff make sense - so I could sorta figure this out on my own.

I made the new price quote tabulator to be as user friendly as possible... just input in what kind of shirt you want, how many you need and how many colors are in your design(s) and it'll instantly give you a grand total price quote. Easy peasey - Japanesey! You can get to it by clicking the tab on top that says "PRICE QUOTE" - ( on Monkey in a Dryer if you got to this blog some other way)

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