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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Amazing new artist

I was at a street fair in Fargo, ND this weekend. It was a pretty typical midwest arts/crafts show - lots of knicky-knacky crafts you'd find at your mom's house and stuff made from beer cans and old farm equipment. It was pretty dull... But just as I was about to give up on finding anything cool, I stumbled upon a booth of artwork by Sarah Kargol.

I see a lot of art - at art shows & openings, online galleries, in books, etc. There is a lot of fantastic stuff out there lately - but none of it has made me more happy (and willing to buy) than the art of Sarah... I dunno why, but it just made me so happy to look at. I bought only 4 pieces so far, as I wasn't 100% if I had the wall space where I wanted to display them.

But once I got home, I discovered I do indeed have the space for them and more... So I'm commissioning her to make me a piece that will go with these. I'm sure I'll be buying more soon. You should too, before she gets too big and you can't afford it! :D

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