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Saturday, March 17, 2007

My former life as a Dr. Seuss nut.

Years and years ago I had a Dr. Seuss collection - it was a rather large Dr. Seuss collection - one of the world's largest. This was years before eBay and years before I had any real money to spend on such things... but I somehow managed to acquire a collection worth bragging about. I would scour the country and scrap together what extra money I could and buy all things Seuss. This was NOT stuff like books - but more harder to find stuff like toys, model kits, old advertising, house wares and the like. All of it very scarce.

I even owned and operated a website about this collection and all other things Seuss related. I started it in the early years of the Internet (1997). It was called and was quite popular. So popular, indeed, that it was written up in a few magazines and eventually even became an officially licensed Seuss site.

Then... day, for reasons unknown (I'm sure they were mostly financial)... I sold the entire collection. All one giant lot on eBay... one bid gets it ALL. I started it at $5 and before the auction was through, it topped out somewhere in the neighborhood of $10k. I saved the eBay page for years on my computer, as a reminder - but have since misplaced it... probably a good thing anyway - it was too painful to look at.

Anyway - the reason I bring this up now is because today, at the book store, I stumbled upon this book:

It's from 2004, but I had never seen it before. I picked it up and started leafing through it when I started to recognize some of the items in it as once belonging to me. I looked back at the cover to find out who the author was - and sure enough, it was Charles - the guy I sold it all to years before! I was quite happy to see some of the collection being in there along with the other stuff that Charles has. I also got a kudos in the back of the book "thank you... original Dr. Seuss guru Dallas Poague". (hee)

I remembered him telling me after he bought my stuff that he was going to combine our collections and possibly put them on display somewhere. He lives close to Dr. S's hometown, so that would be perfect! I'm going to have to contact him and see if that's still going to happen.

So there you go.. just a neat trip down memory lane for me today!

(p.s. - you can see bits n' pieces of my old Seuss site in archives here: Seuss site archives) (please don't laugh at the primitive web design - it was almost 10 years ago)

1 comment:

Waffle Whiffer said...

Neat story about the book.

I remember your website. Didn't know that was you. Small world!